Tuesday, April 1, 2008

College Essay

Sitting in English class, I was forced to partake in a group seminar. It was called a Socratic seminar, where a small group of students analyze the themes of a piece of literature. The other students scribbled notes down, commenting on the flow of the conversation. Of course, as a reflection of my middle school experience, I was not eager to share just yet. To my surprise, I was selected to discuss. My legs bounced up and down and I fidgeted with my multi-colored pen. My heart rate also jumped up by nearly twenty pulses. I was nervous and did not start the conversation.
The feeling of content that I missed in class was back. Filled with satisfaction, I knew I could do it again. After a session, the class would comment on the productivity of the topics discussed. I would take mental note of my flaws to improve myself. Legs shaking, hands fidgeting, and pencils flinging, it was all conquered due to self control. My English teacher, Ms. Foley, said that practice will always lead to improvement. Thanks to this English class, I was able to come out of the shell of shyness I stuck myself into.
Another part of me that has grown is my computer and my hobby with computers. Seven years have passed since I partnered up with him. I remember when I first received him, he was fast and efficient during the time period. Nowadays, technology expands at a magnificent rate, too fast for my buddy to keep up. It may not run the latest programs or the latest games, but it is enough to do homework on.
Computers have interested me since I was a child. By now, my accumulated knowledge and experience of computers allow me to identify errors a machine may have. Because of malicious binaries, my computer has contracted numerous problems that are easily fixed. Now, I have programs to prevent such occurrences. “Your system is low on virtual memory.” However, one problem that cannot be fixed is memory. My computer was old; it was slow. It cannot even compare to my friends’ mid-end machines. A vast amount of patience was needed to keep up with my partner. Working slow enables for proficiency and accuracy, just like an ink printer. I would persevere. I could still do my essays, research, calculate math problems, and surf the internet efficiently.
My fervor for computers still grows. And so, I finally conjure up the confidence to ask my mom for a new computer. Whatever the assignment may be, if it has to be done, it will be done. I know that experience and perseverance pull through in the end. It is important to learn and integrate that experience into everyday life. Whether I am helping a fellow student or fixing my relative’s computer, I receive gratitude and for me, that is an accomplishment.


Simon M 6 said...

This is my only personal piece of writing I have posted. It was also the first time in class we were required to use anecdotes. It was a time to reflect back on my past. I hope that I can improve on writing like this in the near future.